I was born in the country of Romania in 1976, and I came to the United States when I was only 1 year old. My parents and I came to California directly. For the past ten years I have been living in the city of Long Beach.

My first exposure to art was when I was around 4 years old. I was watching my mother draw a three dimentional drawing of my toy car . When I saw this I wanted to do the same thing also; so from that point I became an artist. I have never been trained or schooled in art; which has an advantage with it; one being that there is great freedom by not having to unlearn anything. There is also a disadvantage in not knowing how to use mediums and tools properly (this would cause me to take a very long time to acheive my goal and ultimately cause me to have a love hate relationship with art).

For a good length of time in my past I had a hard time dealing with life, which resulted in a 6 year lull of not doing any art. In the year 2001, I came out of this lull when I was inspired by a very like minded artist whom I think is the greatest artist that has ever lived. That artist is Eyvind Earle.

On June 14 of 2004, I decided to go public with my art and sell it. Selling my art was always challenging, because I became so attached to each piece. Since that day, many wonderful yet challenging events have occurred in my life. In November 2005, I quit my job, sold my house, and opened my own art gallery in Long Beach, California. I currently live and work in my studio/art gallery. I am a full-time artist.

At this moment some people might be looking at my brief autobiography to see if any famous people own my art or what great locations I have shown my art. Well intentioned family and friends suggest that I should do this because it would help me, just like it helps other artist around the world. I do not despise or look down on the other artist who use these things to promote themselves. I totally understand that they have a tough way to make a living most of the time and I respect them for that. However, I will not go down this path. You will either like or dislike my art. I consider both responses good.

In my life I have understood that anything can be used for good or bad. A knife is not used as a bad thing by itself; but someone can use it to feed the hungry and protect the innocent or steal and murder. Likewise with art. It can be used for good or bad. Every individual is unique and has their own path that only they can walk in this life. I perceive that for me creating art is one of the paths that I am meant to walk. The challenges of this path is opening up spiritual interiors within myself, going beyond mere beliefs and knowledge which weighs you down because they are just accumulation, but having experience and understanding which are true growth.

I would like to thank my father, Veronel, for helping me greatly with my art gallery. I would like to say my greatest thanks to my sweetheart Parissa, who has put untold hours into my website and supported me in many other ways with my art. There is Someone else I would like to thank Who defies description or naming ; Whose subtleties can be detected by receptive stillness within and experience, not by much thinking and much talking.